Hello and welcome. My name is Debbie Baff and this is my blog which I started back in 2014 as part of my MA in Online and Distance Education studies with the Open University. It has gone through multiple revamps and restarts including when I switched to Reclaim Hosting a couple of years ago. There may be some broken links hanging around in some of my earlier posts, in which case if you spot ’em please do let me know !

PhD Research

My PhD research explores educators’ lived experiences of social support and wellbeing within private social network site channels and the behaviours and practices that take place within these spaces. I am adopting a Heuristic Inquiry approach and undertaking qualitative research within my own personal learning network.

Open Education

I am a proud open educator and member of the Global OER Graduate Network (GO_GN). GO_GN is a network of PhD candidates around the world whose research projects include a focus on open education (ie OER, OEP, MOOC etc).


I am a keen amateur sketchnoter and my plan is to incorporate #sketchnotes as part of my Heuristic Inquiry creative synthesis as outputs from my PhD.