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  • Course: Certified Online Learning Facilitator (Learning and Performance Institute)
  • Course Year Three PhD E Research and Technology Enhanced Learning – Lancaster University






PHD E Research and TEL

(Lancaster University 2017 to Current)

MA Online and Distance Education (Open University 2015)

  • H802 Applications of Information Technology in Open and Distance Education
  • H817 Openness and Innovation in e-learning
  • H800 Technology Enhanced Learning : Practices and Debates

MSc Business Psychology (University of South Wales 2014)

  • G107456 Psychological Theory and Applications in the Workplace
  • G107457 Effective Communication within Organisations
  • G107458 Developing and Managing External Communications
  • G107459 Leadership in 21st Century Organisations
  • G107460 Managing Organisational Culture and Change
  • G107461 Research Methods and Project Management Skills in Organisations
  • G107462 Dissertation ‘Internet Self-Efficacy, The Theory of Planned Behaviour and
  • Student Attitudes towards the Use and Acceptance of E-Services at University’ (June 2014)

Professional Certificate in Management

(Open University 2003)

  • BB631 Managing
  • BBXR636 The Management Challenge
  • BB632 Managing People
  • BB636 Managing Finance and Information
  • BB634 Managing Customers and Quality

BSc (Hons) Psychology

(Open University 2000)

  • D103 Society and Social Science Foundation Course
  • DSE202 Introduction to Psychology
  • ED209 Child Development
  • D317 Social Psychology, Personal Lives, Social Worlds
  • D309 Cognitive Psychology

Diploma in Surveying (College of Estate management 1994)

  • Valuation
  • Law
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Building Construction
  • Planning and Development
  • Taxation
  • Statistics
  • Accountancy