January 27, 2023

Interculturality and Globalisation

I am just revisiting some of the papers that I did for Part One of my PhD and popping them on blog posts. Here is the first one that I did for the Interculturality and Globalisation Module.

How are online spaces shaped by culture?


This study explores the impact of culture on online spaces with specific reference to the development of a departmental website within Swansea University. An evaluation of the Swansea Academy of Learning and Teaching (SALT) Website and online Community Blog has been undertaken to analyse how the SALT online spaces are shaped by culture and whether multicultural values are reflected in the content. Given the restrictions of time and word count for this exercise this has been carried out as a pilot study with the aim of making recommendations for further work in this area.

Key Words

Culture, Discourse Analysis, Online Spaces, Learning and Teaching, Technology Enhanced Learning, Qualitative


I found this module challenging and enjoyable in equal measure. It took me ages to come up with a topic and ended up settling on looking at our community blog which was interesting with the Welsh dimension. I used Critical Discourse Analysis to look at how culture shaped the blog and framed the way people interacted with it.


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