Debbie Baff smiling on stage at the ALT Conference and giving a thumbs up. Debbie is wearing a bright pink cardigan. In the background is a ALT banner sign.


Hello, I’m Debbie Baff, welcome to my CMALT Portfolio.

This site is a reflective portfolio outlining my professional practice for submission under the CMALT Accreditation Framework demonstrating my knowledge and experience in the four core areas and subsections of the CMALT Framework.

Core Area 1Operational Issues
a) An understanding of the constraints and benefits of different technologies
b) Technical knowledge and ability in the use of Learning Technology
c) Supporting the deployment of learning technologies
Core Area 2Teaching, learning and assessment processes
a) An understanding of teaching, learning and/or assessment processes
b) An understanding of your target learners
Core Area 3The Wider Context
a) Understanding and engaging with legislation
b) Second legislative area, or understanding and engaging with policies and standards 
Core Area 4Communication and Working with Others
Specialist AreaSocial Support in Social Network Sites
Core Areas

CMALT Principles and Values

It also demonstrates a commitment to the core principles and values that underlie CMALT. The CMALT framework is underpinned by four main principles and values as shown in the lovely graphic below by Bryan M Mathers .

An illustration by Bryan M Mathers showing the four core principles of the CMALT 1) Explore the interplay between learning and technology 2) Keeping up to date with new technologies 3) learning from Colleagues 4)Communicating and Dissemination
Image by Bryan M Mathers

In order to demonstrate my commitment these core principles and values I have adopted an approach that I have seen in other CMALT portfolios that are available on the ALT open register. You will see therefore that I have specifically referenced the core principles and values within the text as follows :

Core Principles & EthicsKey
A commitment to exploring and understanding the interplay between technology and learningπŸ”ŽCP1
A commitment to keep up to date with new technologiesπŸ’»CP2
An empathy with and willingness to learn from colleagues from different backgrounds and specialismsπŸ’—CP3
A commitment to communicate and disseminate effective practiceπŸ“’CP4
Ethical Considerationsβœ…
Key Representing Core Principles and Values


I have reflected and analysed the work that I have described within each of the sections. I have found the skills guides from Hull university I hope therefore that this will highlight what I thought went well, what I could learn from and how I would approach things in the future


I have included relevant evidence within each of the sections as appropriate.

Contextual Statement

My Contextual Statement can be found here

CMALT Certificate