September 29, 2023

Deb’s Online Spaces

Hmm, I seem to have quite a few of these floating around. I will be trying to audit them over the next couple of weeks. About Me Spaces Linked InMy main linked in page can be found here Main Digital Space This is my main digital space that has my CV and other useful bits and bobs related to work etc CMALT This is the original home for my CMALT Application – am contemplating starting this one again from scratch so have made this private for now. Retirement Home for Blogs Links to my old blogs which will soon be retiring ..

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Blog / PhD

Referencing and Citations

This causes me such a flipping headache. I’ve done both a MA and an MSc and for the MSc dissertation I did all of my referencing manually, rendering me with a completely irrational hatred of full stops and brackets. I discovered Menderley during my MA and fell in love with the idea of a Reference Manager. Fast forward to the PhD Days and I find myself falling out of love with Menderley sadly. Over the last couple of months I have ended up starting new Menderley accounts to try and cope with the fact that it kept crashing on me. Over the last week it has crashed at least four times on me when I have tried to use the find duplicates function.

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