December 10, 2023


Graphically Speaking

I have recently been working with the amazing, Helen Dewaard and Guilia Forsythe on a research project to explore our lived experiences of using sketchnoting as part of our visualization work within academic writing and the associated development of an academic persona. This is my supplementary blog post in relation to my own practice. Helen and Guilia are both so lovely and I am so in awe of both of them. It is such an honour to be able to work with them on this. 324 and counting on Padlet I share a lot of my sketchnotes on Padlet. There is a nice handy slideshow function that produces a URL which I’ve popped below. This very helpful tells me that I seem to have 324 slides in this slide show which I find unbelievable ! Wow I had no idea that I had that many sketchnotes on here, well if …

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Innovating Pedagogy Report 2022

The OU is just such an amazing institution isn’t it ? The latest Innovating Pedagogy report came out in July and is available from the Innovating Pedagogy blog. The report is a collaboration between the Institute of Educational Technology at the OU and the Open University of Catalonia in Spain. They identify 10 innovative pedagogies that ‘have the potential to provoke major shifts in educational practice’ (Kukulska-Hulme et al 2022, p1). Briefly these are : Hybrid Models Dual Learning Scenarios Pedagogies of microcredentials Pedagogy of autonomy Watch Parties Influencer-led education Pedagogies of the home Pedagogy of discomfort Wellbeing education Walk and Talk You can also find the previous reports there together with a series of really handy method sheets for distance and online teaching. Reference Kukulska-Hulme, A., Bossu, C., Charitonos, K., Coughlan, T., Ferguson, R., FitzGerald, E., Gaved, M., Guitert,M., Herodotou, C., Maina, M., Prieto-Blázquez, J., Rienties, B., Sangrà, A., …

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Blog / PhD

Viva las Viva

I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with the most awesome Dr Amanda Taylor today. She recommended that I listen to a podcast on Viva Survivors by Dr George Julian who is the creator of Viva Cards as it talks about how she prepared for her viva. Now while my own Viva is a long way off for me, I figured it might help to focus my weary brain so I’m currently listening to it .. I’m loving it .. so genuine and honest … I’m late to the party because this was recorded years ago but it is still so very relevant … Have also just ordered a pack of Viva Cards in preparation … while they are designed to be used for Viva Prep it seems that they are also useful for helping with writers block and thesis writing ! and I kinda need all the help …

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Heuristic Inquiry : the search for knowledge on You Tube !

A well spent hour wandering around You Tube lunchtime for videos on Heuristic Inquiry (Moustakas 1990) and thought it would be a good idea to shove them in a post so I can find them again. This is a new one (well 2021) by Partick Martin – quite useful in terms of outlining the stages etc This one came up again – I watched this one ages ago which is a Prezi by Alice Schelgel and this is quite useful too as Alice puts her own spin on what each of the phases and processes mean to her I have also come across this today by Dr Dean Whybrow which is really interesting because I have Dean’s Thesis in my Zotero collection, he also did his research at Lancaster University ( as am I) and now works at Swansea University (where I used to work) .. small world huh ? …

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Qualitative Interviewing

This seems to be a helpful video by James Woodall. Only half way through it at the moment and it’s geared mostly geared towards in person interviews rather than online but still helpful. Also found this paper (McGrath et al 2019) really helpful in terms of offering practical hints and tips Still hunting down advice for conducting online semi structured qualitative and/or heuristic interviews to complement the excellent guidance given by Nevine Sultan 😉 and I wandered across this You Tube Channel, I’m sure I have found it before but had forgotten so putting here for future reference NVivo by QSR You Tube Channel and on this channel I found this talk by Janet Salmons on online qualitative data collection and this is really helpful in terms of online interviews .. she also recommends some SAGE research methods books which I am going to check out … References McGrath, …

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Interesting day today , we delivered the first of our in house DLP course for Bristol, I attended a session on open learning for #MyFest22, I came across a great article by Brene Brown on the importance of empathy in leadership which then prompted me to sign up for access to some free resources, which I am currently watching and I also applied for the Jisc internal leadership programme so today has definitely had a leadership flavour ! it’s been a miserable day in terms of the weather but now the sunshine has come out so I have come to sit outside in the garden, relaxing with a cup of coffee after a full on day. See at first glance none of this moves me closer to my PhD goals but actually being surrounded by people who get open in the MyFest session was really very lovely … the focus …

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Productivity and the PhD

Just finished listening to this gem from the PhD Liferaft Podcast … Particularly like the concept around aligning your environment to help make things easier for you to get stuff done. Alison tells the story about trying to get into the habit of drinking more water each day and despite it being on her to do list it just didn’t happen .. however setting up her environment but getting a chopping board and lemon ready the night before moved her into the state where she did start to drink more water each day. Eventually this became a habit. Definitely worth a listen

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Productive Procrastination

28 May 2022 I’ve spent most of today redoing this blog (again) for like the umpteenth time. I wanted a format that would allow me to put the blog posts in a grid format but that it would still look pretty .. particularly because I will be uploading my sketchnotes and that way I can see them at a glance .. I’m hoping that this isn’t some form of productive procrastination .. it’s not if it motivates you is it ? (Update : I’ve since started uploading my sketchnotes to Instagram in the hope that this will be easier ! ) I had ethical approval at the beginning of the month and although I doesn’t really seem that I have been able to move forward much since then. I have done a lot of ‘thinking’ about stuff and made some progress with practical considerations given that my focus at the …

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