May 20, 2024


PhD Study Tips

I am always on the hunt for useful stuff about how to manage doing a PhD. I’m never sure of the right way to actually keep all this stuff in one place. I’ve tried loads of things over the last few years and none of them have actually stood the test of time. So for now I think what I will do is just do them as little blog posts and categorise them as ‘PhD …

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Cool stuff I have found this week

Holly Jane Holly Jane is a YouTube Blogger and PhD Student. I’ve only just come across her but her youtube channel is really great. She is really funny and authentic … and has also started doing a “study with me sessions” . These are basically where Holly Jane studies in 50 min blocks with a 10 min tea break and various people join in and do the same. People interact via YouTube chat. It’s a …

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Coding and Analysis

I attended a workshop today on ” A Crash Course in Coding and Analysis ” by Dr Richard Budd My Key Takeaways It is all about reduction key features include looking for commonalities exceptions tensions disagreements. You need to boil it down and document it as you go. It is a slow iterative process with two steps forward and one step back . You need to immerse yourself in the data. a deductive approach is …

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