I am always on the hunt for useful stuff about how to manage doing a PhD. I’m never sure of the right way to actually keep all this stuff in one place. I’ve tried loads of things over the last few years and none of them […]
And there is also a wakelet available
Howa cool is this by the awesome @scottturneruon ! next on my list is to go through all the amazing responses …
Very excited to be hosting a tweet chat #LTHEchat in a couple of hours in relation to my PhD Research. I’ve been involved with #lthechat before on the organising team and as a participant but this is the first time I have hosted one by myself! […]
Holly Jane Holly Jane is a YouTube Blogger and PhD Student. I’ve only just come across her but her youtube channel is really great. She is really funny and authentic … and has also started doing a “study with me sessions” . These are basically where […]
Ok so I have been trying to sort my blog out for a little while now and the start of the new year has given me a bit of a renewed momentum to get going again with it. So tonight I have managed to import all […]
I attended a workshop today on ” A Crash Course in Coding and Analysis ” by Dr Richard Budd My Key Takeaways It is all about reduction key features include looking for commonalities exceptions tensions disagreements. You need to boil it down and document it as […]
Early sketchnotes of my PhD Proposal …
This is a sketchnote based on some useful quotes I found in Nevine Sultan’s book References Sultan, N., 2018. Heuristic inquiry: Researching human experience holistically. Sage Publications.
I was delighted to be able to contribute a Chapter Reading for the Audio Version of Martin Weller’s 25 Years of EdTech … funnily enough the chapter I did was all about Open Digital Badges, funny that ! Check out https://25years.opened.ca/ for links to all the […]