July 24, 2024
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Getting my S#%T together

Ok so I have been trying to sort my blog out for a little while now and the start of the new year has given me a bit of a renewed momentum to get going again with it. So tonight I have managed to import all of my previous blog posts ( I think !) from my old WordPress site into this one. I’m really sure why I wanted to do this as some of them are probably pretty useless to be fair but in a funny old way I quite like having them there.

It has made me realise just how flipping inconsistent I used to be with categories and tagging etc. I am hoping to work my way through the old posts to reorganise but may just have to live with it … either that or just get rid of them all and start again ! Anyhow I will try to be more organised going forward … promise! I’ve also noticed that some of my old posts don’t have any ALT text on them so I again that is something that I aim to rectify as I find them (and make sure I put it in from now on ! )

I also found some old posts knocking around in draft again .. I definitely don’t learn .. I have written so many times before about my bad habit of doing that – at least I only found about ten of them this time around so have just hit the publish button.

I have no idea whether or not any of my ramblings are of any help to anyone else anymore but if they are then I am thrilled. I am quite excited to see some of the recent stats (apparently from quite a few different countries) in relation to people that have stumbled on my blog .. I don’t really understand how they get captured but I am living in the hope that some people might have actually found some of it interesting !

I do have a nagging feeling that most of them are probably actually me logging in and trying to sort my S#%T out !

Wordpress Stats showing Visitor Counts
Stats from WordPress Showing Visitor Counts
WordPress Stats showing number of visits

I’ve also changed my theme, this one is called Hestia and I quite like the look and feel of this one .. if anyone is reading this, I would be interested in what you think it looks like ? Does it work for you ? It seems to be ok on mobile devices that I have tested it with and in Chrome and Edge browsers.

hoping I don’t run into any more problems with weird plugins on my site though (thanks to the folks at Reclaim for digging me out of a couple of holes with this ! )

Update : Wondering if I have been procrastinating by sorting my blog out instead of working on my PhD ..

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