July 24, 2024

Cool stuff I have found this week

Holly Jane

Holly Jane is a YouTube Blogger and PhD Student. I’ve only just come across her but her youtube channel is really great. She is really funny and authentic … and has also started doing a “study with me sessions” . These are basically where Holly Jane studies in 50 min blocks with a 10 min tea break and various people join in and do the same. People interact via YouTube chat. It’s a great motivator and given my particular research interest, all this stuff is sooo good! Anyhow I managed to catch one or two of these in the week and they were both great. I did one at lunchtime and then one after work yesterday, which then motivated me to keep going so it’s gotta be a good thing yes?

Anyhow Holly Jane can be found here .. I think she’s great. She also has an Instagram account which I have also started following. I’m amazed at just how much she manages to get done ..

I only wish my study desk was half was as lovely as hers .. mine is just a complete mess! She also has the best view from her New York Apartment !

Video from Holly Jane’s Play List

The Grateful Academic

I also came across this blog earlier in the week via my lovely buddy Sue Beckingham. I’ve also now shared it on Twitter but popping it here for ease of reference .

The Grateful Academic is designed and curated by Dr Sarah Allsop, a Senior Lecturer in Medical and Anatomy Education at the University of Bristol (twitter: @sarah_a_bristol). 

Extract from the About Page of the Grateful Academic 2022


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