Holly Jane Holly Jane is a YouTube Blogger and PhD Student. I’ve only just come across her but her youtube channel is really great. She is really funny and authentic … and has also started doing a “study with me sessions” . These are basically where […]
The week before last I had a brilliant catch up with some of my wonderful PLN buddies that I speak to on a regular basis. I feel that calling them PLN buddies doesn’t really do it justice as I would now count many of these people […]
Reblogging this really helpful blog post from the lovely Andrew Middleton – some interesting thoughts and useful references that will be soooo helpful for my own research 🙂
I was delighted to be invited to give an online workshop for University of Strathclyde and their #StathTechEd staff development group last week on an Introduction to using FLIPGRID in HE. As I didn’t know who would be coming I wasn’t quite sure how to pitch […]
It’s been a funny old week … I’ve been on annual leave this week, my aim was to spend some time with the kids before they go back to school next week and recharge my batteries following our superb online summer summit #altcSummit last week … […]
I’m absolutely rubbish at keeping track of my sketchnotes, I’ve tried putting them on Flickr and Pinterest but I’m really not very good at updating either of those. So seeing that I use PADLET really quite a lot I thought I would I have a go […]
I must try and get into the habit of writing regularly and I am thinking that journaling might be the way to go … There are two main reasons for this: a) as a PhD candidate it is really kind of a good idea to practice […]
I love these videos. My favourite is the one about the PPSQ . The link to a playlist with all of them should be below. Cecile has a really lovely calming voice too !
I’ve watched a couple of these videos and they are really good. I really liked the Ontology, Epistemology, Methodology and Methods one but here is a link to a playlist which should have all the videos on it. Well worth a little look.