September 29, 2023

Flying the Flag for Flipgrid

I was delighted to be invited to give an online workshop for University of Strathclyde and their #StathTechEd staff development group last week on an Introduction to using FLIPGRID in HE. As I didn’t know who would be coming I wasn’t quite sure how to pitch it so I did like a million slides on the basis that people would be able to go back to the slide deck if they needed to. I incorporated some slides from Flipgrid who make their decks available for presentation and added some of my own in. I left the format deliberately quite loose so that I could adapt to what the participants wanted. I showed the slide deck to give them an introduction and shared some real life examples of where I have used Flipgrid before. We even had one or two people keen to try out Flipgrid then and there which was …

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