May 20, 2024

Flying the Flag for Flipgrid

I was delighted to be invited to give an online workshop for University of Strathclyde and their #StathTechEd staff development group last week on an Introduction to using FLIPGRID in HE.

As I didn’t know who would be coming I wasn’t quite sure how to pitch it so I did like a million slides on the basis that people would be able to go back to the slide deck if they needed to. I incorporated some slides from Flipgrid who make their decks available for presentation and added some of my own in. I left the format deliberately quite loose so that I could adapt to what the participants wanted. I showed the slide deck to give them an introduction and shared some real life examples of where I have used Flipgrid before. We even had one or two people keen to try out Flipgrid then and there which was amazing !

Following a great suggestion from Suzanne I split the workshop into two halves, with the first one last Friday so that I could introduce it and then give the attendees chance to have a play around with the Flipgrid (aka some ‘homework’ ) at their own pace over the weekend . The participants were asked to record a video outlining how they thought they could use Flipgrid in their practice and to provide at least one response to another participant.

This seemed to work really well as given that we are just at the start of induction for many of the attendees, I hadn’t really expected many people to experiment with it and thought I might get maybe one or two responses. In the end though, I had eight responses which I was over the moon with.

Not only that, as of 6pm Monday evening the stats show that this had resulted in :-

There were many different ideas shared about how colleagues could use Flipgrid to engage with their students ranging from using it to form community, through to formative and potentially summative assessment and developing reflective practitioners. It was really encouraging to see that within a few short hours, people were really keen to give it a go and the level of enthuasiasm for trying out Flipgrid was infectious

Although I can think of a few things that I could improve on , I think on the whole it went quite well. The participants were really great, a mix of some people that had a bit of experience with Flipgrid and others that were completely new to it.

I have run Flipgrid workshops before but that has been face to face, and this was the first time that I have delivered it virtually. I think on the whole it worked well and the participants were very engaged and keen to learn which of course, is half the battle.


My Slides

My Using Flipgrid in Higher Education PADLET

My Journey with Flipgrid Padlet

A quick Adobe Spark covering stuff in a bit more detail that I put together to help some of the participants.

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