July 24, 2024

Flying the Flag for Flipgrid

I was delighted to be invited to give an online workshop for University of Strathclyde and their #StathTechEd staff development group last week on an Introduction to using FLIPGRID in HE. As I didn’t know who would be coming I wasn’t quite sure how to pitch it so I did like a million slides on the basis that people would be able to go back to the slide deck if they needed to. I incorporated …

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Toolkit in Day / Using Flipgrid at MELSIG

I was thrilled to be asked to help co-lead a workshop at this year’s MELSIG Event Enhancing Practice with Digital and Social Media – using ‘Toolkit In A Day’ methodology to explore the possibilities and practicalities held at Sheffield Hallum University on the 21st June 2018. Aww me too it was a great working with u both too ! There was so much energy, buzz and enthusiasm throughout the whole event ! I’m exhausted mind you …

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I came across Flipgrid yesterday which is a video discussion platform that describes itself as ‘Where social learning happens’ (Flipgrid HomePage https://info.flipgrid.com/) Basically you create a grid and a topic and then people can share short video responses and comment on each others video. You can have moderated comments and change the length of clips. I think this could have lots of potential so I’ve been having a play around with it… if you have used …

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