May 20, 2024


I came across Flipgrid yesterday which is a video discussion platform that describes itself as ‘Where social learning happens’ (Flipgrid HomePage

Basically you create a grid and a topic and then people can share short video responses and comment on each others video. You can have moderated comments and change the length of clips.

I think this could have lots of potential so I’ve been having a play around with it… if you have used Flipgrid for learning and teaching please let me know as I am convinced it would be useful for all sorts of things …. I was thinking staff development and community building, events, all sorts of things…


There is a helpful link on the site to many ( or as we say in Wales ‘tumps of’) ways that it could be used

So anyway here is one I prepared earlier ….I tried to embed it below but it wouldnt let me so here is the link and a screen shot …

Flipgrid test

One thought on “Flipgrid

  1. Can’t believe I haven’t come across this before now! I have clearly been under a rock … will have to make up for lost time … it looks soooo coool … and there are badges !!!! Lots and Lots of Badges !

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