I came across Flipgrid yesterday which is a video discussion platform that describes itself as ‘Where social learning happens’ (Flipgrid HomePage https://info.flipgrid.com/) Basically you create a grid and a topic and then people can share short video responses and comment on each others video. You can have […]
Doug Belshaw has recently started a new series of blog posts about writing blog posts. I have read the first one so far, and had a play with one of the tools that he mentions, Hemingway Editor which I love ! For someone like me that […]
Came across this awesome compilation of 321 Free Tools for Teachers so wanted to share it here so that I can find it again and have a play around with some of them when I get a moment ! elearning industry 321 free tools
Think about your own learning – the resources and tools you use, where and when it takes place What is your experience of being a learner? I consider myself to be an open practitioner, and by the same vein an ‘open’ learner. I think the whole […]