November 29, 2023


I came across Flipgrid yesterday which is a video discussion platform that describes itself as ‘Where social learning happens’ (Flipgrid HomePage Basically you create a grid and a topic and then people can share short video responses and comment on each others video. You can have moderated comments and change the length of clips. I think this could have lots of potential so I’ve been having a play around with it… if you have used Flipgrid for learning and teaching please let me know as I am convinced it would be useful for all sorts of things …. I was thinking staff development and community building, events, all sorts of things…   There is a helpful link on the site to many ( or as we say in Wales ‘tumps of’) ways that it could be used So anyway here is one I prepared earlier ….I tried to embed it below …

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To Blog or not to Blog …

Doug Belshaw has recently started a new series of blog posts about writing blog posts. I have read the first one so far, and had a play with one of the tools that he mentions, Hemingway Editor which I love ! For someone like me that tends to use far too many words when writing, this is going to be helpful. I would recommend that you check it out ! For any idea of how it works, see below for my first draft of the above paragraph ! It also gives you hints that you can click on which told me to omit some words !

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Week 23: Meaning-making and metaphors / A3: Thinking about your own learning

Think about your own learning – the resources and tools you use, where and when it takes place What is your experience of being a learner? I consider myself to be an open practitioner, and by the same vein an ‘open’ learner. I think the whole idea of being able to learn in an open and honest way suits my learning style and personality. I think this may have had something to do with the fact that I have been brought up on distance learning. I prefer being able to direct my own learning and much prefer to be able to do this at my own pace although this is inevitably not quite as flexible as I would like.  I also think I am quite a bit of a social learner and the advances in technology have really helped me interact and engage with others. What tools and resources do …

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