June 16, 2024

The Power of the PLN

The week before last I had a brilliant catch up with some of my wonderful PLN buddies that I speak to on a regular basis. I feel that calling them PLN buddies doesn’t really do it justice as I would now count many of these people as great friends of mine. My little PLN Buddy group has absolutely been the guiding light for me this year especially during the dark days of COVID. Here we are wearing our finest bitmoji outfits …

I feel that we all support each other so well and this has become so important to me especially over the last few months. I get so much emotional support through my PLN and it is this very thing that I hope to investigate for my research, as I am convinced I am not alone in experiencing this.

It was my turn to ride the emotional coaster with my PLN buddies this time around and while I finished up the call feeling much better than when I started it, I did feel guilty that I had taken up so much time in the conversation. I don’t know why I felt like that as if it had been someone else I would certainly have not felt that they had taken up my time, I wonder if feeling guilty over things like this is a mum thing ?

Anyhow having the chance to talk through some of my thoughts with my PLN Buddies started to crystalise things for me a bit.

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