June 16, 2024

Part Time PhD’ing

Being a part time PhD Student is really hard, both in terms of the logistics and the actual Phd’ing. I work full time and have been ‘doing’ my PhD at Lancaster (E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning) since 2017. It is a modular, cohort based programme. I’m in Cohort 10.

I figured that if it all went horribly wrong, I would at least get a couple of PhD Modules under my belt. By some miracle I seem to have got through those modules and now find myself doing my PhD ‘proper’.

I had to take some time out last year and returned at the beginning of 2020 to restart. Then the sky sort of fell in with the global pandemic of #COVID19. So over much of this year I have been procrastinating over getting my PhD Proposal written up and submitted.

It is now nearly the end of October 2020. It has taken me nearly all year to get to this point so at the moment my working title is

Exploring Educator Lived Experiences of Emotional Support and Open Educational Practices through Personal Learning Networks : A Heuristic Inquiry

Deb Baff July 2020

I have gone through many iterations of this already and it is still a very ‘working’ title but at least it gives a flavour of the general direction and focus of where I want my Research to go.

The above sketchnote was something that I did over the summer. The last conversation I had with my supervisor was that this might be ‘too big’ to cover in my thesis, so I am currently rethinking this but I must admit I keep coming back to the fact that the concept of people engaging in open educational practices takes such a central role in my opinion, I would still really like to cover it. So the thinking and mulling over continues.

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