28 May 2022 I’ve spent most of today redoing this blog (again) for like the umpteenth time. I wanted a format that would allow me to put the blog posts in a grid format but that it would still look pretty .. particularly because I will […]
Ok so this week I did the PhD Life Raft retreat with the amazing Dr Emma Brodzinksi. It was a bit of a last minute decision as I wasn’t quite sure I would be able to fit it in as I have had a busy week […]
Early sketchnotes of my PhD Proposal …
This is a sketchnote based on some useful quotes I found in Nevine Sultan’s book References Sultan, N., 2018. Heuristic inquiry: Researching human experience holistically. Sage Publications.
I’ve just made a quick biteable video for our #SocMedHE20 Tweetposium (I’m on the Conference Committee). I love doing this sort of stuff and have a wee collection on this padlet.
Exploring Educator Lived Experiences of Emotional Support and Open Educational Practices through Personal Learning Networks : A Heuristic Inquiry