June 16, 2024

Graphically Speaking

I have recently been working with the amazing, Helen Dewaard and Guilia Forsythe on a research project to explore our lived experiences of using sketchnoting as part of our visualization work within academic writing and the associated development of an academic persona. This is my supplementary blog post in relation to my own practice. Helen and Guilia are both so lovely and I am so in awe of both of them. It is such an …

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Productive Procrastination

28 May 2022 I’ve spent most of today redoing this blog (again) for like the umpteenth time. I wanted a format that would allow me to put the blog posts in a grid format but that it would still look pretty .. particularly because I will be uploading my sketchnotes and that way I can see them at a glance .. I’m hoping that this isn’t some form of productive procrastination .. it’s not if …

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