April 15, 2024

Productive Procrastination

28 May 2022

I’ve spent most of today redoing this blog (again) for like the umpteenth time. I wanted a format that would allow me to put the blog posts in a grid format but that it would still look pretty .. particularly because I will be uploading my sketchnotes and that way I can see them at a glance .. I’m hoping that this isn’t some form of productive procrastination .. it’s not if it motivates you is it ? (Update : I’ve since started uploading my sketchnotes to Instagram in the hope that this will be easier ! )

I had ethical approval at the beginning of the month and although I doesn’t really seem that I have been able to move forward much since then. I have done a lot of ‘thinking’ about stuff and made some progress with practical considerations given that my focus at the moment is to pilot my interview questions and process.

I am doing my interviews online and probably going to use Teams and the automated transcription facility. I’ve done some testing with it and it will need checking and amending of course but it seems much better than the last time that I used it which was a couple of years ago. In the past, I have transcribed interviews myself but that just takes so much time, I’m hoping that amending the transcripts will be less time consuming and of course, I will be immersing myself in the data at the same time.

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