Telepresence Augmented Reality Game Based Learning   My justification for this really is that I can see connections between all three really. Perhaps at some sort of level they appeal to me because of the creative element.  In terms of why I think they could be […]
Technology How long used for educational purposes by my organisation by me Cloud computing Web Dev access Drop Box Evernote   Used for last 2 years or so Drop Box for documents and photos Evernote for documents Gmail and Googledocs Facebook Asana (for project management) Pinterest […]
Publish a blog post that describes your experience with open education. Is it just with the OU, or have you studied a MOOC, used open resources, or engaged with open access publications? I have been studying with the OU for let me see now ….since 1996. […]
What I would like to achieve by maintaining a blog to support my learning is to obtain some new skills and cement my learning as I go on this journey. I’m finding it fascinating so far … I was a bit nervous at first but no […]
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