June 16, 2024

My Experience with Open Education

  1. Publish a blog post that describes your experience with open education. Is it just with the OU, or have you studied a MOOC, used open resources, or engaged with open access publications?

I have been studying with the OU for let me see now ….since 1996.  Before that I studied for four years on a distance education course with the University of Reading. Oh blimey so that means I have been ‘doing’  distance education for an awful long time.  I am a user and advocate of open resources generally and now have the pleasure of working in the field.  I do feel that having been away for some time doing other stuff ( traditional university face to face courses) a lot has moved on and it feels like I am running a bit to catch up …. but what a journey huh !

I have tried to engage with  MOOC without much success so far but I think that is mostly to do with my lack of cleverness with being able to use a wiki properly. …

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