September 29, 2023

Technologies I would like my organisation to adopt …

Telepresence Augmented Reality Game Based Learning   My justification for this really is that I can see connections between all three really. Perhaps at some sort of level they appeal to me because of the creative element.  In terms of why I think they could be adopted I would be interested to look into the psychological aspect of how these technologies could aid learning and recall  ( multi modal input etc) 

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Technology Table Summary

Technology How long used for educational purposes by my organisation by me Cloud computing Web Dev access Drop Box Evernote   Used for last 2 years or so Drop Box for documents and photos Evernote for documents Gmail and Googledocs Facebook Asana (for project management) Pinterest Using very recently …particularly when I managed to lose all my work having not backed up – learnt my lesson the hard way L Mobile/cell phone We have mobile access themes across our main university site etc   We are part of a £4m project helping business to take advantage of emerging mobile technologies ( CEMAS)   Used for last 2 years or so  I now have  ( what I would call) ‘a proper’ smart phone that actually works and am constantly amazed by it. It is definitely my new best friend. Open content  New developments in this area are being adopted by the …

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My Experience with Open Education

Publish a blog post that describes your experience with open education. Is it just with the OU, or have you studied a MOOC, used open resources, or engaged with open access publications? I have been studying with the OU for let me see now ….since 1996.  Before that I studied for four years on a distance education course with the University of Reading. Oh blimey so that means I have been ‘doing’  distance education for an awful long time.  I am a user and advocate of open resources generally and now have the pleasure of working in the field.  I do feel that having been away for some time doing other stuff ( traditional university face to face courses) a lot has moved on and it feels like I am running a bit to catch up …. but what a journey huh ! I have tried to engage with  MOOC …

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