June 16, 2024

Technology Table Summary


How long used for educational purposes

by my organisation

by me

Cloud computing Web Dev access

Drop Box



Used for last 2 years or so

Drop Box for documents and photos

Evernote for documents

Gmail and Googledocs


Asana (for project management)


Using very recently …particularly when I managed to lose all my work having not backed up – learnt my lesson the hard way L

Mobile/cell phone We have mobile access themes across our main university site etc


We are part of a £4m project helping business to take advantage of emerging mobile technologies ( CEMAS)


Used for last 2 years or so

 I now have  ( what I would call) ‘a proper’ smart phone that actually works and am constantly amazed by it. It is definitely my new best friend.
Open content  New developments in this area are being adopted by the university as we speak. Already in OERu and have various ITunesU content


The project I am now working on is in relation to Open Educational Resources so this is quite close to my heart …
Tablet computing  Again our web sites are enabled for access via tablet computing and have been for the last couple of years I now use an I Pad daily for work and study
Game-based learning We have courses in computer gaming and a digital investigation lab for forensic courses etc so I expect there are lots going on here but I don’t have the details just yet …  Not at the moment
Learning analytics I’m new to this side of things so don’t really have much of a handle on this but I am aware that as a university we are currently focusing on a pilot group of courses in the current academic year in relation to activity monitoring and learning analytics.  I will be seeking some more info on this shortly !  Not at the moment
New scholarship  Some of our tutors undertake scholarly blogging , podcasts and videos etc but this is more of a personal choice I am now using Menderley for accessing journal articles & referencing and hope to engage with this more in terms of academic social networking in the future.
Semantic applications  This is something that I know we are doing but I confess I don’t know much about this.  When I find out more I will be updating this J We have a Hypermedia Research Unit (http://hypermedia.research.southwales.ac.uk/)

So I will be investigating further ….


 I have used Xobni before and found it quite useful to find things amongst my own crazy filing system. I’m aware that other colleagues have used it but it’s not a favourite of the IT departments !


I quite like using Siri on my lovely new smart phone but again I think I have only scratched the surface with this ( making appointments, setting reminders, finding stuff on the web … ) I do find myself just using it to say good morning sometimes ( sad)

Augmented reality  Not used Blimey I have just been having a look at this with one of our learning technologists – it was all very Harry Potter stuff – very exciting. He basically used a smart phone app to point at a photograph of him in our course prospectus and then quite surreally waved at me from his inside his smart phone.  I will look forward to finding more out about this and would love to be able to find a use for this – how very exciting !!!!
Collective intelligence  Not really sure  Personally the interaction I have had with Wikipedia to date hasn’t been great. I just find it all far too cluttered – its probably me and the way I am using it. I like the idea but just cant get on with it.
Smart objects  Most of our lights at work are now fitted with those sensor thingy bobs so they come on when you walk in the room – does that count ?  I’ve used QR codes on documentation etc as part of my work but don’t think I have really explored it to full use.  Connections here to the augmented reality stuff
Telepresence  Not yet This sounds exciting too. No experience of this – now if I can get something to work along with Telepresence and augmented reality I would be a happy bunny J

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