June 16, 2024


Badge Mania

I think … I am very motivated by badges … this has surprised, intrigued and frustrated me.  What is it that I like about badges ? Well as an ex brownie and girl guide who didn’t actually obtain many badges I think it might be a throwback wish to obtain something that says ” I did that ” – however although it means something to me I wonder what it means to other people ? …

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Feeling Frazled …

Ok then  – in the hope that this rant (…er I mean .. post)  acts as a sort of therapeutic cleanse for my frazzled soul I have taken to trying  to sort out my blog in a attempt to provide distraction from the fact that I am feeling a bit bewildered as to what I am supposed to be doing study wise…. I shall attempt to reflect on my morning so far … My immediate thought …

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Webinar Webbiness – ocTEL 2014 Week 2

Took part in this weeks ocTEL2014 Webinar with Dr Panos Vlachopoulos (Macquarie University, Australia) –  opportunities and challenges of learning design for student-directed learning. Really interesting debate #ocTEL – Empower your learners right from the outset so they have ‘freedom to learn’ .. but carefully craft the online activity and reduce the psychological distance.

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