July 24, 2024

Feeling Frazled …

Ok then  – in the hope that this rant (…er I mean .. post)  acts as a sort of therapeutic cleanse for my frazzled soul I have taken to trying  to sort out my blog in a attempt to provide distraction from the fact that I am feeling a bit bewildered as to what I am supposed to be doing study wise…. I shall attempt to reflect on my morning so far …

My immediate thought looking at the above paragraph is that a) no one will be interested anyhow b) not convinced it makes any sense c) therapy is probably a good idea… and d) oh blimey I seem to write how I speak – do I actually sound like that ? I’m sure I can hear my welsh accent ….

my instinct is to actually delete this post and start again but aha I am actually starting to enjoy putting my thoughts down on paper so I thought I would carry on ..

So .. reflection  (I am clearly very easily distracted …). Well I started this morning in earnest looking at my H817 course and trying to catch up. The trouble is I am finding it very hard to work out what is going on mainly I think due to all the different places within which one can post in the forums.

We hit on this early in our first group work ( Go Green Team) so we decided to form a brand new section of the forum called “Green Group Home” and while i have been finding comfort in the fact that this tries to keep our discussions and thoughts in one place the difficulty is that it is only related to specific issues to do with our Green Team tasks for our Collective TMA03. We still therefore have to check all the other various places in the main forum(s).

Checking the other places in the forum just frazzled my already frazzled brain even further ( two kids, work n all that)  and left me wondering what else I had forgotten to do ( cue making a phone call to arrange child care arrangements ) and basically overwhelmed me.

This led me to my next strategy ( for strategy read procrastination technique) to a) make a post onto the Green Group Home page seeking words of wisdom from my team mates b) start to wander around people’s blog postings looking for evidence that I am not the only one feeling like this and c) send an SOS email to my tutor to see if she can help me prioritize what on earth I should be doing …

I’m off to make a cup of tea now to soothe my confused brow but will be back later with an update.


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