July 24, 2024

Innovating Pedagogy Report 2022

The OU is just such an amazing institution isn’t it ? The latest Innovating Pedagogy report came out in July and is available from the Innovating Pedagogy blog. The report is a collaboration between the Institute of Educational Technology at the OU and the Open University of Catalonia in Spain. They identify 10 innovative pedagogies that ‘have the potential to provoke major shifts in educational practice’ (Kukulska-Hulme et al 2022, p1).

Briefly these are :

  1. Hybrid Models
  2. Dual Learning Scenarios
  3. Pedagogies of microcredentials
  4. Pedagogy of autonomy
  5. Watch Parties
  6. Influencer-led education
  7. Pedagogies of the home
  8. Pedagogy of discomfort
  9. Wellbeing education
  10. Walk and Talk

You can also find the previous reports there together with a series of really handy method sheets for distance and online teaching.


Kukulska-Hulme, A., Bossu, C., Charitonos, K., Coughlan, T., Ferguson, R., FitzGerald, E., Gaved, M., Guitert,
M., Herodotou, C., Maina, M., Prieto-Blázquez, J., Rienties, B., Sangrà, A., Sargent, J., Scanlon, E., Whitelock, D.
(2022). Innovating Pedagogy 2022: Open University Innovation Report 10. Milton Keynes: The Open University.

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