July 24, 2024

Heuristic Inquiry : the search for knowledge on You Tube !

A well spent hour wandering around You Tube lunchtime for videos on Heuristic Inquiry (Moustakas 1990) and thought it would be a good idea to shove them in a post so I can find them again.

This is a new one (well 2021) by Partick Martin – quite useful in terms of outlining the stages etc

This one came up again – I watched this one ages ago which is a Prezi by Alice Schelgel and this is quite useful too as Alice puts her own spin on what each of the phases and processes mean to her

I have also come across this today by Dr Dean Whybrow which is really interesting because I have Dean’s Thesis in my Zotero collection, he also did his research at Lancaster University ( as am I) and now works at Swansea University (where I used to work) .. small world huh ?

Dean is also a fan of Nevine Sultan (Sultan 2019) and does a cracking job of demonstrating the phases and whatthey mean together with how he applied it in his own research. I really like how he created a table showing the phases and applications side by side.

Screenshot from Dean’s Video showing his table of phases and applications

Nice summary of Strengths and Limitations of Autobiographical Research (Whybrow 2021)


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Whybrow, D. (2020) Military Healthcare Professionals’ Experience of Transitioning into Civilian Employment: A Heuristic Inquiry.

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