A well spent hour wandering around You Tube lunchtime for videos on Heuristic Inquiry (Moustakas 1990) and thought it would be a good idea to shove them in a post so I can find them again. This is a new one (well 2021) by Partick Martin […]
This seems to be a helpful video by James Woodall. Only half way through it at the moment and it’s geared mostly geared towards in person interviews rather than online but still helpful. Also found this paper (McGrath et al 2019) really helpful in terms of […]
In celebration of the fact that we have the collaborating and community theme going on today, I did a periscope this morning …. aided by my lovely roomie Rhian…we just did a very quick hello but I thought I would share some thoughts … so a couple of […]
I’m looking forward to facilitating on BYOD4L this week (15th to 19th January 2018). BYOD4L is a bite-size facilitated open course offered over 5 days for educators and students in HE but also anybody else who would like to learn with us as to how we […]
Day Two of the #BYOD4L was all about Communicating. We had a fab tweet chat last night as you can see from Sheila MacNeill‘s storify … ( even starring my lovely little kittie ! )  Looking forward to tonight's #BYOD4Lchat with @EHannan14 & @debbaff — BYOD4L […]
https://youtu.be/dQodhrEc1sU http://www.open.ac.uk/iet/main/study-us/online-and-distance-education/hear-our-ma-students
Video Made with Powtoon introducing Open Digital Badges Pilot
A very quick video that I promised to do about my OU Experiences  …
Open Badges Slide Share by Doug Belshaw Early You Tube Video by Doug Belshaw A short story about badges by @varelidi