May 24, 2024

ALT Assembly Badge Creation and Issue

Ok so I have been working on some badge creation and issuing for work and today we launched our first official badge in recognition of our ALT Assembly Members. I’m still ironing out some teeny problems with sharing the actual image on social media but having tested the WordPress embed here that all seems to be working fine .. so hopefully if you click on this image it should take you to my Open Badge …

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I’ve been GASTA’d (Again) #ALTCSummit

After a full day of working behind the scences at the #ALTCSummit activities on Wednesday last week I also survived my second GASTA … and am now looking forward to my badge ! Honoured to be in the esteemed company of my fellow GO_GN Gastateers , Ada, Aras, Michael, Jo and Taskeen who all did an absolutely awesome job .. and of course we were all kept under control by the lovely Tom Farrelly and …

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GASTA Presentation #altcSummit 2020

I’m really excited to be presenting at at the ALT Summer Summit 26th – 27th August 2020 Learning Technology in a time of Crisis, Care and Complexity #ALTCSummit this week. I’m doing a GASTA presentation alongside colleagues from the most awesome Global OER Graduate Network GO-GN Network. The wonderful Dr Tom Farrelly, Institute of Technology, Tralee (ITT) will be doing his stuff to keep us all in line. Gasta means “fast, clever, quick, smart” and …

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#ALTC 2018 Debs Adventures Part 1

So this might actually be a record of me attempting to do a blog post within a couple of days of returning from the ALTC conference … I always have the intention of doing it but somehow I always get sidetracked .. anyhow, in the hope that this post actually gets finished I shall crack on as they say.. Cakes This years conference was a special one, the 25th anniversary to be precise. There were …

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ALT-C 2017 Beyond islands of innovation

Beyond islands of innovation – how Learning Technology became the new norm(al)  5–7 September 2017, University of Liverpool, UK I went to ALT-C last week and as ever it was the conference that delivered. I’m always in awe of the sheer brilliance of the (very tiny) ALT team when it comes to pulling this off. Just check out the size and scope of the programme Keynotes from Bonnie Stewart, Sian Bayne and Peter Goodyear were …

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ALT Learning Technologist of the Year 2016 Cast your vote now !

…dear me … so many amazing people to choose from but there can be only one winner of the ALT community choice. Check out the wee little videos for some fab insights into what these fabulous finalists have been doing ! You can have one vote using twitter or email so make yours count ! Deadline for voting is noon (BST) 7th September

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ALT-C 2015 Day One < nearly

Well I’m on the train to sunny Manchester and feeling well excited to be at ALT-C … Things I have discovered so far … Manchester seems a really loooong way away on a really slow train journey Train journeys make it tricky to try and use a pen … So much for sketch noting ! I’m really hungry … I’m not entirely certain where my hotel is … A Caramel Latte and a choccie chip …

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