November 29, 2023

H800 Week 3 OU LIVE REFLECTIONS ( When Charlie met Harry …. ?)

Reflecting on the experience of the OU LIVE tutorial and breakout room discussion and using the questions provided as a prompt … ( Permission has also been kindly given by all those involved to refer to comments etc ) What were your experiences and feelings during the session? I enjoyed the whole experience of the OU Live Session in Week 3 with Janet, Adrian, Cathy and Gillian ( although we lost connection with Cathy at the beginning :() …. I’m not new to OU Live but I found that there were some functions that I hadn’t used before in OU Live.   For example the ability to move between whiteboard views – reflecting on this I realise now that I have used the facility before to move between slides but hadn’t made the connection with the white board facility. Gillian took me through how to do this in (call it …

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Week 2 A1: We participate therefore we are?

Reflections on the webcast by John Seely Brown Your work so far on H800 includes some individual reading, listening and perhaps viewing. Does Brown’s argument imply that this is less valuable than your group work? It is illogical for John Seely Brown to claim that study groups are the “best indicator for success” when he is asking us to listen to one person – himself! – in lecture mode.’   Well listened to the first 20 minutes for the talk – Personally I could listen to him all day – for me he has such a lovely way of speaking – although I admit that some of it went over my head though but some of it really struck a chord. At first glance it might seem a bit contradictory ( perhaps illogical ) as the environment of the talk lends itself to a traditional lecture format and doesn’t embrace some …

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