Thanks to Ken Bauer and Ben Werdmüller for the idea and questions ! My previous blog post explains the background to this. The core questions: I’m not sure I will make an entry every day and if I will do the stretch questions each time but […]
I must try and get into the habit of writing regularly and I am thinking that journaling might be the way to go … There are two main reasons for this: a) as a PhD candidate it is really kind of a good idea to practice […]
In a great blog post today called How not to be an Academic Asshole during COVID the amazing Inger Mewburn of @thesiswhisperer fame (btw who I am very proud to be a patreon supporter of ) talks about the prevelance of ‘Toxic Positivity ; not showing […]
I came across this blog post that the lovely Maha Bali wrote on her blog “Digital Affect (Emotional Presence?) and Continuity with Care during COVID-19. In her post, Maha mentions that the social distancing aspect of the current COVID19 situation ‘makes the need for digital affect […]
This post was triggered by an opinion piece entitled ‘ Instructors please wash your hair’ that I read in Inside Higher Ed that wound me up a bit. I am definitely not alone in feeling this way, as there is certainly an interesting exchange of comments […]
There have been so many really helpful resources shared over the last week or so in relation to learning and teaching online. I’ve put the ones that I have come across on this PADLET as I keep losing track of what I have seen and where […]