Activity :Read Chapter 1, ‘Digital, networked and open’ Martin Weller’s Book The Digital Scholar Weller summarises the key changes as: digitization of relevant content online social networks the range and variety of content via Twitter, blogs, news feeds and so on. Have your own practices, whether as […]
[slideshare id=43871318&doc=byod4ljan2015-150125063800-conversion-gate02]   The folks at #BYOD4l have produced the above set of slides which capture the event experience and provide their insights
Creative Commons licenses provide a flexible range of protections and freedoms for authors, artists, and educators. The following is a guest post by Beck Pitt, researcher at the Open University’s OER Research Hub. Source: I’m now signed up and looking forward to this course 🙂 […]
Scottish universities are joining forces to focus on good practice, rather than the past, say Andrea Nolan and Bill Harvey (Enhancing student experience: how Scotland is doing things differently Source: See on – Enhancing Student Experience
“In the Digital Classroom, teachers have many opportunities to design flexible and engaging student-driven learning experiences that allow them to create. Adopting this style of teaching and learning can be overwhelming, especially when being expected to embrace new technology and also implement the Common Core Standards […]
Source: Really useful guide to OER  by Campus Technology See on – OER and OEP
Open Educational Practice 2014 – induction week OER | process.arts Source: See on – OER and OEP
New Approaches to Enhancing Learning through Technology – a day with Professor Curt Bonk (Indiana University) on how technology continues to change & challenge the way we learn & teach …   Here are my attempts sketch notes from this awesome seminar !   Link to […]
See on – OER and OEP Open Education is about breaking down barriers to learning. This may be through changing teaching practice, shifting policy, releasing data or sharing resources. In the Open Education Smörgåsbord we want to get people … See on