For the past couple of years Australian universities’ enthusiasm for online learning has increased, following the lead of international universities in realising the potential of MOOCs to replace traditional… Source: To belong or not to belong ? If that is the question … then what […]
Source: Revised Version of the HEFCW Enhancing Learning and Teaching through Technology Strategy with interesting highlights of case studies and lessons learned by institution. See on – OER and OEP
“This report presents the results of an in-depth investigation and analysis of Open Educational Resources (OER) in 23 languages, including the target languages of the LangOER consortium: Dutch, Frisian, Greek, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish and Swedish …” Source: See on – OER and OEP
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Dr Jo Barton, from our School of Biological Sciences, tells us about the innovative teaching methods she uses to improve the student experience and how she r… Source: See on – Enhancing Student Experience
Instructors need to accommodate their students’ need for high-quality content. Free ebooks will round out a MOOC student’s online learning experience. (@MOOCNewsReviews great to see this up! Source: See on – Enhancing Student Experience
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New Approaches to Enhancing Learning through Technology – a day with Professor Curt Bonk (Indiana University) on how technology continues to change & challenge the way we learn & teach …   Here are my attempts sketch notes from this awesome seminar !   Link to […]
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