Way back in March you may recall seeing a post on the School of Open (SOO) course we were planning on open research… Well, whilst we did go a bit quiet, behind the scenes the cogs were turning, pla...

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OER School of Open Course starting in September :) Whoo

Despite thoughtful disagreement about the term "infrastructure" from people I greatly respect, I continue to find the term extraordinarily useful in my own thinking about how we improve education. ...

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Creative Commons licenses provide a flexible range of protections and freedoms for authors, artists, and educators. Today the European Commission released licensing recommendations to support the reuse of public sector information in Europe.

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OERs. People build them. People house them in repositories. People do journal articles, conference presentations, research on them. I doubt never their existence. But the ultimate thing they are su...

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RT @Elizita: How to introduce OER and Creative Commons in your School http://t.co/nNJvC5JJae via @ToniSoto_Vigo

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This report, published by LangOER, presents the results of an in-depth investigation and analysis of Open Educational Resources (OER) in 23 languages, including the target languages of the LangOER consortium: Dutch, ...

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RT @CadarnPortal: Guest blog by @gayle115 from the Open University on OER and Widening Access http://t.co/S5HgC5NzJE

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Interesting post by Gayle Hudson (OU) on the Cadarn Portal 

Why We Need an Open Curriculum
Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription) (blog)
Brown's open curriculum resulted from a yearlong, student-led study of its general-education requirements during the same period.

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