April 14, 2024

Using Sketchnotes in PhD Research and Academic Practice

Very excited to see my reflective article about my journey with sketchnoting published in the International Journal of Management and Applied Research. It’s in a special collection called Exploring visual representation of concepts in Learning and Teaching in Higher EducationEditors: Dr Charles Buckley and Dr Chrissi Nerantzi. There are some great pieces in there …so I’m beyond excited to be included.

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And so the fun begins with #BYOD4L

I’m bringing my own device this week … are you ? So we gave kicked off the fun and games already this week with a persiscope at 10am from Alex introducing the week to us. @alexgspiers doing his thing on periscope earlier #byod4l 🙂 pic.twitter.com/sJWW3dlfOq — Deb Baff 🤗 💖 🦄 (@debbaff) January 15, 2018 Lots of people have already dropped by to say they are hoping to take part … it’s always difficult trying …

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Sketchnoting CPD …

Ok, so I’m a bit of an amateur sketchnoter … here is one I did earlier that I am quite proud of that we are now using on our revamped CPD Web Page at Swansea … you can see it in all its glory at …https://salt.swan.ac.uk/cpd/   I’m not very good at keeping my sketchnotes in one place so I’m trying to find a new system …  I have used things like Flickr and Pinterest in …

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Yay I found my sketch book …

Was soooo delighted to find my sketch book behind the sofa today with my scribbled notes on the Kerawalla  … Paper on Blogging and Richardson Paper on Student approaches to learning … Piccies here lest I lose it again 🙂 #knewtheyweresomewhere   Also we were asked to reflect on our learner experience of blogging so here is a brief mind map of my initial thoughts about blogging ( a work in progress ! )  

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