September 29, 2023

#BYOD4L Day 5 Creativity and Celebrating Reflections

Well, this is the second time I have written this blog post as for some reason WordPress decided it didn’t want to save my ramblings as ususal … anyhow.. I’ve managed to rescue some of it and have added some more rambles … I just wanted to say (again ) that although  #BYOD4L is over for another year, the community itself however is still very much alive and kicking ! Friday proved to be yet another fab exchange of ideas in our tweetchat. Welcome to the last #BYOD4Lchat of the week. Your guides today are @alexgspiers & @debbaff — BYOD4L (@BYOD4L) January 19, 2018 I must admit though that I found it quite challenging at times trying to facilitate between posting the Questions and juggling the Tasks. I had to resort quite a few times to asking Alex and the rest of the lovely #BYOD4L team which one we were supposed to …

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