I was delighted to be able to contribute a Chapter Reading for the Audio Version of Martin Weller’s 25 Years of EdTech … funnily enough the chapter I did was all about Open Digital Badges, funny that ! Check out https://25years.opened.ca/ for links to all the […]
I was lucky enough to be invited to appear on the Sketchnote Army podcast with the amazing Mike Rhode, we talked all about how I first got into Sketchnotes and how I use then to help make sense of my PhD Research https://sketchnotearmy.com/ https://sketchnote-army-podcast.simplecast.com/episodes/debbie-baff-se09-ep06-nyLqmvuG
I was delighted to be invited to chat with Dr Ingeborg van Knippenberg on 21 Jan 2021 on the Conversations on Online Learning Podcast at Edinburgh Napier University. We talk all about online learning and the importance of connecting online from a social and emotional support […]
Apparently, the podcast that I did for Teaching in Higher Education with the wonderful Bonni Stachowiak has now aired… @bonni208 I haven’t listened to it all back yet as I find the sound of my own voice quite horrifying …  god, I can talk such a lot […]
http://goo.gl/0t8bRR This is a link to the podcast that I did for Electric Sheep ages ago with the fabulous Paul Andrews, Carl Sykes and Elizbeth Jones. There are lots of links to the learning tech resources that we discussed on the show so I thought I […]