July 24, 2024

Podcast for Teaching in Higher Ed #248

Apparently, the podcast that I did for Teaching in Higher Education with the wonderful Bonni Stachowiak has now aired… @bonni208


I haven’t listened to it all back yet as I find the sound of my own voice quite horrifying …  god, I can talk such a lot of drivel especially when I’m nervous … I feel should apologise right now for going on about nothing in particular and just ‘get my coat’ …

Bonni, however, was as professional and brilliant as ever and it was an absolute privilege and honour to be invited to be a guest on her show …

I did manage to get in a few extra plugs and recommendations towards the end for some absolutely amazingly brilliant people who Bonni may like to have as a guest on her show … and who will no doubt deliver a much more interesting and probably better-executed podcast interview than I did …

( I think I was only supposed to give three or so recommendations  but I seem to have mentioned about twenty – see the links on the website – oops :))





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