June 16, 2024

#OER19, #GO-GN – Hope, Care and Happiness

Well, here we are back from the joys at #OER19 in the most excellent setting of Galway !

I had such a lovely time in Galway – a really tiring time I must add but it was still super brilliant to be in such amazing company, meet old and new friends and generally have an all-round wonderful week.

I arrived in Galway on Saturday 6th April 2019 having received funding from the wonderful Global Graduate Network. Despite being on the OER Conference Committee,  I’m really not sure I would have made it to Galway without this support and I cannot thank the Go-Gn’ers enough for the opportunity.  This is such an excellent network and I feel I have now made some friends for life – united in our PhD escapades!

I presented my rather scrambled thoughts about where my PHD research is headed ..

I hope to write another blog post in more detail about my experience with GO-GN … more on this soon …

The weather for the entire week was absolutely brilliant – not a rain drop in sight ( which given that there was a lot of walking between the hotel, the #Go-GN Seminar venue and the venue for #OER19 itself I will be eternally grateful for ! )

Some of the sessions were live streamed and recorded at #OER19 and these can be seen here

Also, you can watch the replays of the various Virtually Connecting sessions at this link which will give you a different perspective of different elements of the conference. Virtually Connecting really is such an amazing initiative which enables people to hook into what’s happening at conferences even if they are not able to attend the conference in person. It is really worth checking out their excellent work.

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