July 24, 2024
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PhD Reflections on Part One

I have been ‘doing’ my PhD at Lancaster University in E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning since January 2017. I started it when I was in a Senior Academic Developer role at Swansea University. As a family we have moved house three times since then, and I have also changed my job. Since September 2019 have been working at ALT as Membership and Professional Development Manager. As things were rather hectic, I took some time out last year and returned to study at the beginning of 2020, and then of course we ended up with Global Pandemic in March 2020. So here I am at the beginning of November 2020 trying to get my flipping proposal in.

As this is a new blog I thought it would be good to try and remind myself that I have actually made progress so inspired by Louise Drumm’s blog and how she has reflected on her Phd journey I am digging out my Part One work. Reflection is not something that comes easily to me so bear with me !

E-Research and TEL PhD at Lancaster

The programme itself is divided into two parts. Part One is over two years and there are five modules in total. Amazingly, I managed to pass each of these modules. Part Two is where you undertake your thesis and is where I find myself now (somehow)

An image from the Programme Handbook outlining details of Modules undertaken in Part One

Reflecting on how I approached each of the modules, I chose practical exploration for each of the assignments. This seemed logical to me at the time as it allowed me to think from a practical view point in relation to my role at the university. I have put the abstracts from each of the papers in separate blog posts, the links are below. It was really interesting to revisit some of these papers. I can see now where I could have improved on them both in terms of structure and how I approached them but more than anything digging these out has also given me a boost in terms of how far I have travelled to date ..

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