November 29, 2023

Go Go Go

The University has approved a recommendation from your department that your registration should be transferred to a confirmed PhD.    Your maximum completion date for this course is 31 January 2025. Well done in developing a confirmation document that details an interesting study! Confirmation Document Approved 18 March 2022

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PhD Confirmation Awaiting …

So I finally managed to submit my PhD Research proposal to my committee last week. I’m now waiting for the next four / five weeks to see what they think and to find out whether or not I can proceed with my plans. It’s taken me such a long time to get even to this stage and I frequently have moments wondering whether or not I should be continuing on this journey. I’m self-funded so the sheer weight of the financial commitment alone is crippling, let alone the constant guilt that I feel when I am locked away at my computer. Still, by some miracle, I am still hanging on by my fingernails.. In some sort of weird attempt to summarise what I am trying to do I have done a poster of my proposal. Well, truth be told I actually did this quite a while ago and I have …

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