The good thing about about a four hour train journey is that you get the chance to find hidden blog posts that you had forgotten all about … Blimey …. ‘Here’s a rather long one I made earlier ‘ way back in July …. In relation […]
Blog Posts … I’m in awe of people that manage to write a blog post on a daily basis. I’ve found it impossible this week. I did however manage to engage on twitter using the #FOS4L hashtag quite a lot and the odd posting on Google+ Community […]
New Friends … Old Friends  What do points make ? Badges … Twitter Shower We were asked to do some pre-reading on Digital Capabilities by Helen Beetham and this proved quite stimulating with what seemed like hundreds of questions being posed and lots of answers flying about […]
Making: Which places do you visit regularly when online? Where do you stay a bit longer and why? Create a map of your digital me. (ilo-3) I’m not sure it will come out ok but here is my map of my personal learning environment (PLE) where I […]
Well Day 1 is finally here …  there has been a buzz of activity going around as people start to join in the fun and games.  We are looking at Digital Literacy Today and Connecting with others …
Well FOS stands for flexible, open and social learning and I’m part of the co-facilitator team for a new  5-day open learning event developed by Chrissi Nerantzi and Sue Beckingham. We start tomorrow Monday 13th July to Friday 17th of July 2015.   It is an an openly licensed learning event […]
I’m very pleased to say that I am part of the FOS Flexible Open Social ) Learning team for this 🙂 Roll on next week …. oooh and there will be BADGES !!!! #deblovesbadges