And there is also a wakelet available
Howa cool is this by the awesome @scottturneruon ! next on my list is to go through all the amazing responses …
Very excited to be hosting a tweet chat #LTHEchat in a couple of hours in relation to my PhD Research. I’ve been involved with #lthechat before on the organising team and as a participant but this is the first time I have hosted one by myself! […]
I must try and get into the habit of writing regularly and I am thinking that journaling might be the way to go … There are two main reasons for this: a) as a PhD candidate it is really kind of a good idea to practice […]
If you missed last nights fab community pop up tweet chat on Flipped Learning check out Chris Jobling’s fab storify below … @LTHEchat @suebecks @debbaff You’ve been quoted in my #Storify story “Summer community-led pop-up #LTHEChat” — Chris Jobling (@cpjobling) August 16, 2017  
Its back on the 25th May – the #HEAchat and the #LTHEchat combo! Both hashtags will be used during this discussion. We are not going all Judy Blume on you by asking what your first time was l… Source: #LTHEchat and #HEAchat with Dr Kate Cuthbert. @cuthbert_kate. New to […]
#LTHEChat 55: Die Öffnung der Hochschulen für nicht-traditionelle Studierende, Martina Emke (@martinaemke) Who are non-traditional students? According to a 2015 report by the National Center for Ed… Source: #LTHEChat 55 : Bilingual German/English May 18th – Opening-up HE for non-traditional students, Martina Emke (@martinaemke)
Teacher Training in Hong Kong. End-of-term examinations in progress in the main hall at Northcote Training College. Out of 390 who sat, 375 passed. The National Archives UK. Sourced from the Flickr… Source: #LTHEchat 54. 11 May. ‘Students are asking questions … about assessment and exams’
I really enjoyed helping out behind the scenes with this last night on Connecting Classes .  The lovely Kate Soper has put together this storify … hmm I spy lots of my pink stuff on the opening image ! ….enjoy …   The storify from yesterday’s […]