December 10, 2023

CMALT …mmmm Deadlines ?

Mmm, Looking at the Submission Process for CMALT it seems the next deadlines are : 1st October 2016 1st February 2017 1st June 2017 Given the fact that I have only just started pulling my stuff together I am probably realistically looking at a February submission ( not to mention the fact that I am supposed to be moving house this week so I kinda have my hands full ! ) Progress So Far … Ok, so I have had a good snoop around the portfolios that have been shared on the ALT Website. I found this really helpful and I think I have settled on using WordPress to use to collect my evidence together. I’ve set up a quick wordpress account and started populating some pages with the headings outlined in the CMALT guidelines ( as suggested by the ever helpful David Hopkins ). I have kept this private …

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