July 24, 2024

CMALT …mmmm Deadlines ?

cmaltMmm, Looking at the Submission Process for CMALT it seems the next deadlines are :

1st October 2016

1st February 2017

1st June 2017

Given the fact that I have only just started pulling my stuff together I am probably realistically looking at a February submission ( not to mention the fact that I am supposed to be moving house this week so I kinda have my hands full ! )

Progress So Far …

  1. Ok, so I have had a good snoop around the portfolios that have been shared on the ALT Website. I found this really helpful and I think I have settled on using WordPress to use to collect my evidence together.
  2. I’ve set up a quick wordpress account and started populating some pages with the headings outlined in the CMALT guidelines ( as suggested by the ever helpful David Hopkins ). I have kept this private at the moment but hope that I will be brave enough to share it at some point either during my journey or if and when I get certified ( so to speak ) …
  3. In an attempt to try and document my progress I thought I would have a play with a new tool called Timetoast that I have recently come across. This allows you to create timelines so have set one up for my CMALT Submission. I’ve made it Public just in case it might help others !

2 thoughts on “CMALT …mmmm Deadlines ?

  1. Don’t worry about the time-frame of either meeting or missing the CMALT deadlines, make sure the portfolio, evidence, reflection, etc. represents you and your work. Only then submit it. Whilst it’s good to have a goal in mind I don’t think anyone should stress and push themselves to meet it if it ends up being detrimental to your work or health.
    Saying that … come on, get on with it!! 😉

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