June 16, 2024

Week 1 Activity 4: Generations of information seekers

https://learn2.open.ac.uk/pluginfile.php/1280125/mod_resource/content/1/UCL_Reading_research.pdf What follows starts with a quick exercise to focus your thinking about the Google Generation. Below are four statements about that generation. Two statements have been described as myths by the authors of the study from which the graph is taken: please try to identify those two statements. And, in your view, how accurate are each of the other statements? ‘They [the Google Generation] need to feel constantly connected to the web’ ‘They are …

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Week 1 Activity 2 : Sharing your reactions

Something that interested me … I’m really interested in how people learn both in formal situations and informal contexts. I love the idea of the fact that you can learn without realising you are learning ( if you know what I mean). I’m really interested in the different attitudes and behaviours that people have towards use of technology for their own learning and I’m looking forward to working in a collaborative setting as we go …

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Week 1 : Activities

Activity 1, Meeting fellow students and your tutor: introducing yourself in the forum, reading messages and responding (up to an hour and a half, spread over two or three visits to the group forum). Reading ‘Introducing H800’ and ‘A taste of H800’s themes’, and getting to know the website (about half an hour). Activity 2, Sharing your reactions: forum discussion (about an hour). Activity 3, How much changed when printing arrived? Reading an online newspaper …

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