December 10, 2023
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Ninja Organisation Skills

Wow I came across this amazing blog post from Alan Batt this evening ! Talk about a whole other level of ninja organisation skills … I’m so envious ! I’m not sure I will ever get to this level of cleverness but this does give me some inspiration that I might just manage to get some stuff sorted out ! Really interesting to see that Alan drafts stuff in Scrivener and then moves across into word when he is pretty much there (sometimes after 7 drafts) and then put a references in. Having experimented with Scrivener this week I have found the whole references aspect a bit of a pain.

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To Blog or not to Blog …

Doug Belshaw has recently started a new series of blog posts about writing blog posts. I have read the first one so far, and had a play with one of the tools that he mentions, Hemingway Editor which I love ! For someone like me that tends to use far too many words when writing, this is going to be helpful. I would recommend that you check it out ! For any idea of how it works, see below for my first draft of the above paragraph ! It also gives you hints that you can click on which told me to omit some words !

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