September 29, 2023

Reflections on Day One #BYOD4L Connecting with Confidence

Yesterday was really hectic but so much fun. We are also getting ready for a house move at the moment so I am surrounded by boxes and bubble wrap so life is certainly interesting…. The tweet chat went really well last night and I was so pleased to see some new faces including some colleagues from Swansea and also spot some familiar faces too. Sheila tweeted some wibbly-wobbly timeywimey stuff courtesy of the lovely Martin Hawksey so you can see this below. View of our conversation tonight via Tags Explorer — BYOD4L (@BYOD4L) January 15, 2018 Neil and I split the questions between us which turned out to be a good strategy as these ones were done live rather than using the tweetdeck scheduler. I actually set an alarm on my watch to make sure I didn’t forget to post my allocation of questions … I have a habit of …

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