June 16, 2024

Reflections on Day One #BYOD4L Connecting with Confidence


Yesterday was really hectic but so much fun. We are also getting ready for a house move at the moment so I am surrounded by boxes and bubble wrap so life is certainly interesting….

The tweet chat went really well last night and I was so pleased to see some new faces including some colleagues from Swansea and also spot some familiar faces too.

Sheila tweeted some wibbly-wobbly timeywimey stuff courtesy of the lovely Martin Hawksey so you can see this below.

Neil and I split the questions between us which turned out to be a good strategy as these ones were done live rather than using the tweetdeck scheduler. I actually set an alarm on my watch to make sure I didn’t forget to post my allocation of questions … I have a habit of getting carried away with stuff and then rushing to post the tweet and forget the hashtag but having a little buzzer to remind me to do it in advance worked well ! We also managed to get all six questions into the hour…

Day 1 BYOD4L Questions 2018

What was lovely was the fact that the extension to the original ‘C’ by adding ‘Confidence’ seemed to give as some richer engagements as Alex observed in our post tweetchat backchannel messages.

There seem to have been some real moments of confidence-building happening throughout the day yesterday, including some experimentation with Periscopes which were fab.

I noticed that Bitmojis seem to have gone down well last night ..

some people were even inspired to download the app and do their own .. ( Clearly Suzanne the Bitmoji Queen has started a trend …)

I always learn so much from #BYOD4L myself …I”m looking forward to finding out more about snapchat from Suzanne … all I have ever done with it is a couple of face swap pictures and some sparkly filters … and I can’t remember how I did that !

Looking forward to the rest of today and tonights tweetchat led by the awesome Alex @alexgspiers  and my lovely new bitmoji buddy Suzanne @SFaulknerPandO  

Suzanne’s  enthusiasm and willingness to get stuck in and give things a go is truly inspirational !  I’m sure tonight’s tweet chat will be terrific !

Today’s theme is Communicating and Digital Capability – LInk to Blog Post

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