September 29, 2023

Martin’s Leaving Message

So the lovely Martin Hawksey ALT’s Chief Innovation, Technology and Community Officer is leaving ALT Association for Learning Technology this week … I am afraid still completely in denial that he is going … I will miss him so much as a member of our little team at ALT and my go-to person for pretty much most computer-ee type stuff …. I have known Martin since about 2014 and was completely in awe of him when undertaking the OCTEL (Open Course in TEL) course at ALT. Little did I know at that time that I would eventually be lucky enough to work with Martin as part of the ALT Team. I have got to know Martin quite well since then. I first got to know him more closely in 2015 when delivering the OER15 Conference in Cardiff. I was the Project Manager for the OER Wales Initiative back then and …

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